True love lasts a lifetime

During this pandemic, the number of people wanting a COVID canine companion has soared.

But buying or rehoming dogs and puppies during lockdown, although well intentioned, should not be an impulse decision. Like any relationship, it requires a lifelong and loving commitment.

Many organisations saw their website searches for puppies double as lockdown and travel restrictions were announced. Here at Manchester Dogs’ Home, enquiries increased between 70-90% on the average pre-pandemic month.

But the biggest concern is that animals will be abandoned or neglected once life goes back to normal and people no longer spend as much time at home.

And the reality of the costs kick in. According to the pet charity PDSA, it can cost between £4,500 to £13,000 to look after a dog over its lifetime – even without possible medical problems they may develop.

Plus, before you fall in love with those puppy eyes, remember it costs between £370-£425 to raise a puppy including vaccinations, food and toys.

So we urge people before they rehome a Retriever, take in an abandoned Alsatian or buy a Basset or Bull Terrier, remember how the saying sort of goes, a dog is for life, not just for coronavirus.

And that’s why we rely so heavily on support and donations from people like you. People who love dogs and believe in the humanity of our beloved four-legged furry friends. People like Lucy and Simon who have grown up with dogs since before they could even go walkies themselves and have always supported our charity.

Simon sadly lost his all too young life to cancer but said no to funeral flowers and opted to ask for donations to us instead. If you would like to donate in his memory, please visit

RIP Simon and thank you for your lifelong love of dogs and your selfless generosity.