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1 Year Old cross Breed

We would like to introduce you to the handsome Sylvester.. a gangly, medium sized cross breed who came in to our care as a stray back in January of this year. Sylvester is only a young boy, approximately 14 months old.. a typical teenage whirlwind, who is sometimes prone to the odd teenage tantrum, and subsequently needs to be taught some basic manners.

He also needs to learn to channel his incredible capacity for learning to enable him to fulfil his maximum potential. With this in mind we are looking for a very specific home for Sylvester.

Ideally his new owner(s) will have some previous experience of undertaking basic training and be willing to continue with his existing training programme.

Sylvester has boundless energy, but more importantly he thrives on mental stimulation, and is incredibly quick to learn and retain knowledge; he would no doubt given the right training, excel at agility and obedience, so all in all a very smart cookie.

In addition to this even though he obviously hasn't had the best start in life, he is a very loyal, loving and affectionate boy, he can be goofy and funny and constantly seeks your approval.

Could you be that special someone for Sylvester? Would you be willing to visit him at Manchester Dogs Home a few times to get to know him a little better and gain insight into the work already undertaken with him? We think he would thrive best as the only dog in an active household, and would suggest any young people would have to be 16+ as he can be very boingy!

If you are interested please contact us at Manchester Dogs Home, in the meantime Sylvester will be waiting, as patiently as any excited teenager can do. Thank you