Lost a dog

lostdogpuppyManchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Homes are the largest organisation caring for stray dogs outside of London .

On average we accept over 20 dogs per day between our 2 Homes.

These dogs come in all shapes and sizes and often are missing pets. We accept dogs from within a 50 mile radius of Manchester .

We work in conjunction with Local Authority Dog Wardens to board the dogs that are handed in to them for 7 days in hope that their owners will come and claim them.

After the initial 7 days, the dogs are put for adoption

To increase the chances of finding your LOST DOG please ensure that you come to Manchester Dogs’ Home on a regular basis to view our stray dogs.

A telephone call to us is not enough as collars & tags can fall off, descriptions may vary and occasionally a microchip CANNOT be found.

When a stray dog is brought in to Manchester Dogs’ Home we scan them for a microchip, vaccinate, worm and flea treat them. This is to help prevent the chance of illness among the dogs and also to help alleviate any minor issues your dog may be suffering from after his time on the streets.

The fees for claiming your dog may vary.

The current fees can be found here

Please Note: We collect fees on behalf of the local councils and, regrettably, we CANNOT waive these fees.

You should also try your local Dog Wardens to see if they have collected your dog.

TEL: 0845 241 7253