Foster Scheme

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COVID-19 Fostering

We have been inundated with offers to foster whilst people are off work due to COVID-19, we are overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone so we have to thank you all.

Generally, we do not offer a short term fostering service, we cannot explain to dogs going through fostering that it is temporary, that these people will only be in their lives for a short time but that they will care for them while we find them a forever family. When that dogs then have to return to kennels when the foster family have to return to work, they feel like they have been abandoned all over again and it can be a very difficult time for them.

In light of the current situation however, we have been gathering contact details for potential foster families should our team be affected by COVID-19 and us be forced to move dogs out of our home however this is a worst case scenario. We are asking that anyone interested in assisting us by fostering keeps an eye on our social media and website, should a time come when we have to move to a foster system, we will request that you contact us.

Due to many of our dogs needing specific types of homes, the most ideal foster home would be adult only and pet free, with the people in the home familiar with the care dogs require.

Again we thank you for your generosity and hope that you are all staying safe in a world so rapidly changing for us all.

Our Foster System

While we rarely place our dogs in short term foster homes there are some times when fostering is an option –

Foster to Adopt

Our foster to adopt system is available for dogs who may have been with us for a while & the only way to find out if the new home is right for them is a short foster period. This may be because there is another dog in the home, we know very little about the dog, or perhaps that the dog is still being treated by our vet but we would prefer treatment finish in a home. This system varies with every situation and always follows a discussion with one of our home managers.

Long Term Medical Foster

On occasion, a dog in our care may be needing lifelong medical care, this care may be costly and put off potential adopters despite the dog being able to be happy and healthy provided that they are on treatment. In this case we can offer lifelong medical support however families of these dogs often need to return to the dogs’ home for treatments to is mainly open to those in the local area. Again, this system varies with every dog and family.

If you are interested in fostering, please contact us on 0844 504 1212 for more information or ask at one of our homes.