To help get your dog back to you as quickly as possible, below is a list of the fees charged while your dog is with us. These fees will need to be paid
before we can return the dog to you.

PLEASE NOTE: The fees charged by the Council are taken by us but passed directly onto them, we cannot reduce or waive these fees. 

Manchester Council – £110.00

Oldham Council – £70.00,  you can choose to be billed directly by Oldham Council for an increased fee of £129.00

Rochdale Council – £101.00

Tameside Council – £85.00

Trafford Council – £138.00

Highpeak Council – £25.00

Salford Council – £90.00

Dogs from Stockport Council & Bury Council are no longer brought to Manchester Dogs Home.

In addition to these charges, Manchester Dogs Home charge £10 for the intake of your dog and £5 for each additional night.

If your Dog is found in Tameside Council area and you claim it on the second day after it was found, you will be charged £75.00 by the Council and £15.00 by Manchester Dogs Home, TOTAL FEE – £90.00 

Please remember to claim your dog quickly! By Law, if you fail to claim your dog by the end of its 7th day in the kennels then you will lose ownership of the dog and this will pass over to Manchester Dogs Home.