Evolution Money volunteers at Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home

No day is completely the same at Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home. However, if there is one constant, it’s that there’s always lots of work to do – that’s why we’re always happy to welcome an extra pair of hands when the opportunity arises!

That’s why we were delighted when secured loans provider Evolution Money offered to dedicate some of their time – and people – to help us out. Joining in for a day during the start of August, the company spent most of its time caring for our many dogs and taking them for walks.

Freeing up hours so our staff can concentrate on other tasks, Evolution Money’s help goes far beyond just taking dogs for a stretch – it allows us to get a much clearer all-round picture of our animals. For example, we can identify dogs who maybe don’t get along so well with certain people and allows us to better socialise them. In turn, this makes rehoming easier.

Steve Mapley, home manager, commented on Evolution Money’s help, stating: “A lot of companies like to ‘give back’ to the local community and volunteering for us not only helps them achieve that goal but it helps give some very disadvantaged dogs some time away from kennels and with people.

Dogs just want the opportunity to love and be loved and many of our dogs are desperate for that little bit of care and attention that they get from being one-on-one with a dog walker.”

Companies which take the time to volunteer with us often continue to help out in their communities with staff members also becoming more involved with charities. For example, one of the Evolution Money volunteers – Stephanie Martindale – has agreed to volunteer with us on a more regular basis while another – Steve Daly – recently took part in the Muddy Dog Challenge to raise money for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Robin Russel-Fisher, Finance Director at Evolution Money stated “As our business has grown, we feel we have a responsibility to give back to the community.  We have been privileged to work with Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home for several years.  They do absolutely fantastic work caring for hundreds of dogs every year and getting them ready to find their perfect home.  This is close to all our hearts, as the dogs need to be taken out for exercise and to be loved, fussed and cuddled.”

Evolution Money continues to be a great supporter of Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home. However, if your company would like to be involved, drop our volunteer coordinator Julia Jessop an email on jjessop@dogshome.net.

We’d be happy to work with you!