Celebrities and their dogs

While it may be a completely different world (£5,000 dog blanket anyone?), the love some celebrities have for their pups is undeniable.

Here are a few celebrities just as obsessed with doggies as we are!

Ariana Grande

Ariana sure does like her doggies, recently adopting two more to make her a pooch mum of 11.

Toulouse, her beagle-chihuahua mix, recently joined her on the front cover of Vogue and had fans across the world praising his modelling skills. “Thanks for allowing me to be in the background of Toulouse’s first Vogue cover @voguemagazine”, Ariana shared on Instagram.

A huge Harry Potter fan, Ariana has named four of her clan after Harry Potter characters – Lily, Snape, Fawkes and Sirius – while Pignoli, Lafayette, Coco, Ophelia, Strauss and Myron make up the rest.

The Beckhams

Another Vogue front cover star, Olive Beckham is used to the good life, owning a £5,000 dog blanket by Louis Vuitton. Very swish!

However, it seems like she can be a bit of a handful. A source from the Vogue shoot said: “‘One of the shots involved the family sitting in a boat on the river. Before anybody knew what was happening, the dog had jumped into the water and David was on the verge of getting soaked to help it back out.” Oops!

Olive isn’t the family’s only furry friend. They already have a shar-pei called Barnaby and two bulldogs, Coco and Scarlet, while Brooklyn introduced their new spaniel puppy, Fig, on Instagram back in September 2018. Hopefully she’s a little calmer than her big sister!

The Obamas

The tradition of keeping pets in the White House dates back to the early 1800s when previous president, Thomas Jefferson, kept a hummingbird and two bear cubs.

Previously known as the ‘First Dog’, Bo was given to the Obamas at the start of Barack Obama’s presidential term in 2009, followed by Sunny five years later. The pooches are both Portuguese water dogs, with the hypoallergenic breed chosen by the family to accommodate daughter Malia’s allergies.

Since moving out of the White House, Michelle Obama said one of the most confusing changes for the dogs was finally having a doorbell. “Bo and Sunny were like, “What’s that?’,” she said in 2018. “They’re just now going to the door when the doorbell rings. It’s taken them two years.”

Chrissy Teigen

Queen of Twitter Chrissy Teigen is always treating her followers to photos and stories about her beloved dogs.

Her and husband John Legend have five dogs – Pepper, Pippa, Penny, Pablo and Pooey – and they’re all various bulldog breeds. She also had Puddy, an English bulldog, but sadly he died last year – leaving behind his wife Pippa (yes, they were actually married – see photo below). Aww.

The Royal Family

From dorgis to English cocker spaniels, the Windsor family loves a canine companion.

Once owner to more than 30 dogs, the Queen is well-known for her love of corgis. However, when her last corgi died in 2018, she was left with only two remaining pooches – Vulcan and Candy, her corgi-dachshund crosses.

Her grandsons have also inherited their grandmother’s fondness of dogs. Prince William and Kate have Lupo, a seven-year-old English cocker spaniel, while Prince Harry and Meghan have a labrador, said to be called Oz, as well as Guy, a rescue beagle adopted by Meghan before she got married. 

With all the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and dogs, we bet Christmas at Sandringham House must be a bit manic!

Chris Evans

Chris – aka Captain America – is such a big fan of dogs that he recently interrupted an Avengers Q&A panel to go and pet a dog dressed as Iron Man in the audience.

Aside from playing one of the world’s most famous superheroes, he also played hero with his own dog, Dodger. When filming the movie Gifted, Chris had to shoot scenes at a dog shelter which ended with him rescuing Dodger from an unknown fate.

As Chris mentioned in one of his many Instagram posts about Dodger, “rescue dogs are the best dogs!”

Simon Cowell

TV’s Mr Nasty is a big softie at heart. Already owner to Squiddly, Diddly and Freddie, Simon recently brought back a rescue dog – Daisy – from Barbados to join the Cowell family. 

They’re definitely what you call pampered pooches too. Each pup gets their own fully reclining white leather seat on Simon’s private jet, complete with Icelandic mineral water and organic, sugar-free sugar drops. Fancy!

The music mogul loves his dogs so much that he plans on spending £240,000 to clone them as he “cannot bear the thought of them not being around.” 

David Walliams

Back in February, Simon’s fellow Britain’s Got Talent judge, David Walliams, introduced his 1.6 million Instagram followers to the latest member of his family – Ernie the puppy.

Ernie joins border terrier Bert as David’s canine companions, with the two seemingly named after the two famous Sesame Street characters. Cute!   

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda met her pooch, Finn, on the set of Big Love – and now has a clause in all her contracts that ensures he is allowed wherever she works.

Finn – an Australian shepherd – now has his own Instagram account with more than 81,000 followers at the time of writing.

Amanda says: “The energy that Finn brings to my workplace is almost crucial. After a while, people start to miss him almost as much as I do when he’s not around.”

Bradley Cooper

Charlie – Bradley Cooper’s canine companion – is almost as famous as his owner. The labradoodle landed a part in Bradley’s film, ‘A Star Is Born’, as a dog owned by the characters played by Bradley and Lady Gaga.

While Bradley might not have picked up the ‘Best Director’ accolade at this year’s Oscars, he did win an Oscat – PETA’s awards for films and stars who promoted kindness to animals through storylines – for casting his own dog rather than “using one supplied by a notorious animal exhibitor”.