Cheshire Dogs Home – Sootie


Name: Sootie                  

Breed: Border Collie

Gender: Male

Age: 9 months

CDH Number: C65   




Sootie is a young boy with a lot learn, he is looking for an adult only home with breed experience who will be able to help him learn how to be a gentleman. 

He has already had several homes in his short life so we are desperate for his next one to be forever, Sootie can be a bit of a rebellious teen and can act up if he isn’t getting his own way so will need lots of training to help him learn. He has an awful lot of energy, being a young collie so would like an active home with lots of physical and mental stimulation. He isn’t overly happy with having things taken away from him, the staff have been working with him on this, rewarding him lots when he lets them near things such as his food bowl, his new owners will need to be aware of this and will need to teach him that not everyone is trying to steal his things.

In his last home he wasn’t keen on visitors so he would like a calmer home, without lots of people coming and going (post lockdown) with owners who can slowly introduce him to new people being in the home.

Out and about he loves other dogs and has enjoyed many walks and play dates with the other dogs here at the dogs home. Due to his resource guarding however he will need to be the only dog in the home.

Due to some of his past behaviour he will be needing an adult only home and won’t be able to live with any cats.


For further information or to enquire about meeting Sootie please contact Cheshire Dogs Home on 0844 504 1212

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