Cheshire Dogs Home – Bruno

Name: Bruno

Breed: Crossbreed (Rottweiler)

Gender: Male

Age:  7 years 3 months

CDH Number: C77


Sweet Bruno is looking for an experienced, adult only home, with people who can show him that the world isn’t so scary.

When he first came to us he was wary of everyone and everything, it has taken a lot of time for him to trust the team here but we are pleased to say that he is now happy to sit in his kennel, having fuss and cuddles with the people he knows.

Anyone looking to offer him a home will need to be prepared to have lots of patience, firstly, he will be needing many meets at the dogs’ home to allow him time to get to know you. Once home he will take time to come out of his shell and learn to relax.

Out on walks he can growl and bark at things and people he is unsure of, he will need lots of reassurance and socialisation in this area for him to learn not everything is so scary. Generally, he walks quite nicely on the lead but he can be very strong when he wants to be so will need someone physically able to handle him when pulling.

He is fairly good with dogs out and about however isn’t keen on some, he would like a home as the only dog where he can relax in his own space.

Due to his training needs he would not be able to live with any children and would need a home without many visitors or busy going’s on.

Not every home will be right for Bruno, but we are sure there is someone out there, with the time and experience Bruno needs to help him become the confident, happy boy we know he can be.

If you are interested in adopting a dog from Cheshire Dogs Home or would like more information, please contact us on 0300 102 1212 or email reception on for an application form

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We thank you for your patience in these difficult times 🐾