Cleos First Week with The Andersons

"Home Sweet Home for Cleo"

“Some dogs dreams do come true!”

GOOD NEWS! Every day here at Cheshire Dogs Home is different however nothing changes when it comes to waving farewell to one of our much loved resident doggies, many sad yet happy tears are shed and we look forward to plenty of updates from their new family.

On Thursday 8th of October Ian Anderson popped into Cheshire Dogs home, following a meet and greet with our resident Cleo the week before with the all the family.

Tom, Jackie, Cleo and Ian before the final farewells at Cheshire Dogs Home

Tom, Jackie, Cleo and Ian before the final farewells at Cheshire Dogs Home

It was love at first sight for Ian and Jackie Anderson when they popped over to Cheshire dogs home in early October, Cleo was finishing a course of treatment at the in house veterinary clinic so after leaving the home they had a little time to wait before an adoption would be possible.
After a speedy recovery Cleo from her treatment, our happy healthy pup was ready to start a new life with the Andersons after a difficult start in life Cleo has always been a friendly and inquisitive face around the home and many staff wanted to say goodbye before she embarked on this exciting new adventure with Ian to the family home.

Cleo is Josh’s new best friend for life, Jackie’s youngest son has waited patiently to have his own dog and regularly takes Cleo on long walks, plays in the garden with her many new toys and of course enjoys cuddles with the family at night.

Cleo takes Josh for a walk ;)

Cleo takes Josh for a walk 

She has settled into her new routine and home with no problems what so ever and this is tribute to the many volunteers at the dogs home who have helped train and handle Cleo since she arrived many moons ago, Dogs like Cleo are often just a product of their environment and she can come on leaps and bounds. Shes event been learning a few new tricks…

Many thanks to The Andersons for giving a dog a chance and also for the lovely emails and messages they have sent to us all here at the home, sharing is caring after all.