Manchester Dogs Home – Max

Breed : Crossbreed

Sex : Male

Approx Age : 12 Months old

Number : Max

Ref : 42009793

Max came into our care via another Rescue he came originally from Romania he was found wondering on the streets this is all he has know, so from the streets he has gone into Kennels, and then he arrived in our care so he has never known a home environment. Max did get rehomed but sadly he was returned to us as his owner could not cope with his behavior, sadly we also found out his owner did pass him onto another family who returned him back to them.

Max is 12 months old he is a over excited puppy who will need basic training, we highly recommend puppy training classes he also needs boundaries as he originally came from the streets of Romania. Children will need to be 14 years and over he would not be for a first family pet he will need an experienced owner.