Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home – E-Tails March 2019

New Adoption Center

The new adoption centre has been going from strength to strength since its launch a year ago.

The light filled atrium is proving a popular place for visitors to meet and interact with the dogs, while each of the 30 individual kennels offers maximum comfort for our canine guests.   Dogs can go outside to meet visitors or retreat into their cosy, heated sleeping areas for some R&R.  The centre is also fully air conditioned and triple glazed to keep outside noise down and our neighbours happy.

We are now working closely with the builders to sort out the final building snagging list before we host an official opening. Watch this space for details!

Old Adoption Centre Ground

We recently applied for a grant to start the work clearing and turning the ground of the old adoption centre into a resource for the dogs and an enrichment area – we are disappointed to report that this grant was declined. But not ones to take no for an answer we have re-worked our plans and with the support of P Guinness demolition we are able to start clearing the space! Work should be starting in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

The intention at this stage is to clear the area and then topsoil and turf if to give us a “blank space” to be able to continue to develop in the future.

Crofters House

Work has also started in earnest on Crofters House ground floor. We are re-vamping the old reception to provide improved facilities for claims and the veterinary department as well as new facilities for the staff.

Once complete the new reception will help to streamline the claims process. It will also help make coming to the vet department at Manchester Dogs Home a nicer experience for the dogs and their family.

Finns Law

It has been in the news recently about the value of “Working Service Dogs”. The current Parliamentary Process of getting “Finns Law” passed and also stories of people not realising or accepting there is such a thing as a Working Dog.

For those who do not know, Police Dog Finn was a working Police dog and in October 2016, whilst on duty with his handler Dave Wardell, they were attacked by a 16yr old they were trying to apprehend.  During the arrest both Finn and Dave were wounded with large hunting style knife the lad was carrying – Finn more gravely than Dave.

It was touch and go for Finn but just a matter of weeks later they were both back on duty. ( For the full story read “Fabulous Finn by Dave Wardell )

The value of a Police dog, despite all the training and the work they do, is just a pathetic £50.00 and Dave and the now-retired Finn have been tirelessly campaigning to have the law changed to recognise all service animals as more than merely a low-value piece of property.  Hopefully, this law will now be added to the statute later this year.

Other service animals would include Police horses, Military dogs, horses etc and of course Guide dogs and other Medical assistance dogs

Good Luck Finn with your campaign.

“One Fine Day” – A Doggy Tail

Oh Hello.  You look like a friendly Hooman.  Here! See how I wag my tail.  Cute huh!

My name? Oh, er, Max, I think. At least that’s what I have been called since I arrived at this place although I have had other names in the past.  My story is such a long one and I am sure you don’t want all the details.

I am 3yrs old Collie Dog and I was born in a barn.  Yes, that’s right, a barn.  My Mum looked after me for a while but then the farmer that owned the barn said I was surplus to requirements and I was sold on.  I was nothing more than a pup at that time and although my Mum had taught me a thing or two I still had much to learn.

My new “Dad” had very little time for me.  He had thought I would have been fully trained and he got very cross if I had an “accident” on the kitchen floor at night.  Come on now, I was only a few weeks old and had a lifetime of learning ahead of me.  Can’t know everything at once now can I.

It wasn’t long before was sold on again, and again until I finally ended up with a family who, to be quite honest couldn’t even look after themselves properly let alone a dog like me.  Quite often they would forget to feed me or fill my water bowl and so I was forced to find a puddle in the yard to drink.  I was always cold and hungry and although I am totally ashamed of it now, one day I stole the Sunday Lunch.  That chicken was delicious but I had a price to pay.  I was beaten and put out on the streets as punishment.

I roamed around for a day or two – feeding on scraps I managed to find and again drinking from puddles.

“Hello pooch, what are you doing out here all alone”

I had found my salvation!  A very nice man with a white van came over to me and invited me to go for a ride with him.  He gave me food which I devoured gratefully then off we went.  That is when he brought me here to the Dog’s Home.

Since I have been here I have been looked after really well.  I get my breakfast every day and if I do have an accident in my room at night they don’t scold me at all – not that I have done so very often.  Some very nice Hoomans come to visit me each day and we go walkies on the fields.  It’s so nice to get out in the fresh air even though it is also nice to get back to my room for a rest.

One of the hoomans who look after me and the other dogs here has been teaching me a few tricks too.   I can now “speak”, sit, I even shake paw – but it will cost you a treat or two he he he.

How long I will be here is anybody’s guess.  I would like a forever home with a nice family who will look after me properly but for the time being, this place is the best I have known and although I have to share the hoomans time with the other dogs in my position, I am happy to wait for my new parents to come along.

Now! Are you going to take me walkies?


Meet Dotty

Dotty is a 5 Year Old Cross Breed who came into us as a Stray.

Dotty is good around other dogs and she is a very friendly girl but she can be nervous and scared of new surroundings.

We are looking for a home where her owner will be patient, her new owner will have to understand her needs, ideally where children are aged 16 years and over

Dotty has now been with us 100 days!!!! Can you help her find her forever home! She needs to be out of the kennels, maybe on your sofa???


Go Walkies, Manchester Dogs’ Home annual sponsored dog walk will be taking place at Debdale Park, Gorton on Sunday 26th May 2019 from 11am.

There will be entertainment, stalls, and refreshments as well as an opportunity to walk your dogs around the park and help raise funds for the Dogs Home.

To request a Sponsor Form, please call the Admin Office on 0161 205 7136

2019 Bond Night

Sunday 19th May – Prestwich Clough

Sunday 5th May- R.E.A.C.H Sledge Dogs at Barton Airdrome. 

14th July 2019 – Gorton Carnival, Debdale Park

Sunday 30th June 2019 – King George playing field, Ashton Under Lyne Fun dog show

Sunday 30th June 2019 –  R.E.A.C.H Sledge Dogs at Barton Airdrome. 

Sunday 6th July 2019 – Bugworth Family fun day, New Mills

20th – 21st July 2019 – Family Pet Show Event City.

Sunday 1st September 2019 –  R.E.A.C.H Sledge Dogs at Barton Airdrome.