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A Huge thank you to everyone who helped make the Manchester Christmas Fair a success. This was the first major event at Manchester in at least eight years, so we can look forward to more in 2020. I would like to give a special thank you to Collette, Colin, Anthony, Bernie, Keith and my fellow trustees Maureen and Leslie, and finally the amazing staff and volunteers on the day including the girls from Manchester University who were very helpful.

Thank you

Josie Jackson – Chairlady

Manchester University Visits

For the past year Manchester Dogs’ Home have reached out into the community to visit students at Manchester University’s Students Union.

In support of their wellbeing initiative we have taken dogs to meet the students and give them (the students) a well deserved break. It is scientifically proven that being around dogs helps reduce stress and releases Serotonin and Oxytocin the hormone that humans release to feel love or bonding. This was certainly evident as the students were asked to comment and share their thoughts on Manchester Dogs’ Home’s visits:

“I just wanted to say thank you for arranging the dog visits! It was really lovely to be able to carve out an hour just to be present with the dogs and completely removed from the stresses of everyday life. It’s lovely and rare to be able to have that time and the dogs really made my week!

“I really enjoyed the visit from the dogs! I thought it was fun and a really nice, unusual break from work.”

“Thank you for offering this service for the past year, as somebody who appreciates the benefits of being around animals for my mental health, I think it’s a truly wonderful thing that we have this at the university.”

“The dog visit was wonderful and I really found that calming. I think for the next dog visit I would like to hear more about the related volunteer work and more information about the organisation.”

“I really enjoyed the visit! I was so glad something like that was arranged and I’d definitely attend a future event that is similar!”

Our newly built adoption centre has been going from strength to strength since its launch a year ago.

The light filled atrium is proving a popular place for visitors to meet and interact with the dogs, while each of the 30 individual kennels offers maximum comfort for our canine guests.

New Adoption Centre – Atrium

Dogs can go outside to meet visitors or retreat into their cosy, heated sleeping areas for some R&R.  The centre is also fully air conditioned and triple glazed to keep outside noise down and our neighbours happy.

A memorial garden funded by RBS is also been built on the site and there are plans for another similar tribute to be created in the future. We have plans in place to create compound areas containing toys and other facilities so the dogs have room to play outside.

We are now working closely with the builders to sort out the final building snagging list before we host an official opening.
Watch this space for details!

Building work continues on the interior refurbishment of Crofters House which when complete will contain the new reception for Claims, Vet Unit and Farewells Pet Crematorium.