Happy Ever After… Your Re-homing Stories

Manchester and Cheshire dogs homes have re-homed thousands of dogs over the years. Receiving countless thank you cards, encouraging letters and thoughtful tear jerking emails filled with happy endings and photographs of much loved rescue dogs in their new forever homes. Below you can find just some of our favorite re-homing stories from Manchester and Cheshire dogs home.



Tizer (Tyza)

“We just wanted to update you and send some photos of Tizer (Tyza) who we adopted from the Cheshire Dogs Home in March this year. He had been with you for over 12 months and previously in a dogs home in Birmingham before that. He was adopted a few times too but brought back for reasons which we just cannot understand. He is the best dog ever to us!

He now enjoys walks in the countryside, lying by the log burner plus his own space on the sofa! We have also all been on a doggy holiday to the Lake District in September which Tizer absolutely loved.

He is such a friendly, affectionate and forever hungry dog and we love him to bits! He has definitely found his forever home now!”


“We have had Rosa for 5 years now after she picked us when we visited Grappenhall, and to say that she has made herself at home would be an understatement- she has a bed in the living room, another three(!!) in our bedroom, she spends all day on the bed in the front of the house by the radiator(Snoring). The house is a bit of an obstacle course as she’s a bit toy obsessed. Her favourite holidays are anywhere that has forests, favourites being either of Isle of Skye and Betws Y Coed!!”



“My partner Dave asked me one day if we could get a dog as he has always been used to having pets whereas I never have been.  We said we would just come and have a look whilst, unbeknown to me, Dave had already seen captain on the internet.  He walked into the Cheshire branch and asked to see Captain.  They brought him to the exercise yard and Dave fell in love straight away. He was a lovely dog, very energetic and playful.  We took him home on foster and then only came back to adopt him permanently.  He loves going playing in the fields every day with other local dogs.  He can sometimes be a bit boisterous but is only playing.  He has a girlfriend called Roxy, who is half rottweiler and half bullmastiff.

He always greets us with a kiss and a jump and loves all the attention from our nephews who also adore him greatly and he adores them.  His ears prick up and he bounds around till he can see them.  he doesn’t leave their side when they come for walks with us.

He is a very very spoilt dog who has more beds then we do and is walked through forests and fields daily.”



A tail for all. Mike’s tail was badly infected when he first arrived with us and, unfortunately, it had to be amputated. Watch Mike meeting his new family and going off to a lovely new home.

Harry and Lauren

“We adopted our Harry from Manchester dogs home in 2009. As we entered the kennels several lovely dogs ran towards us, wagging their tails and barking, but our beautiful Harry sat in the back with his head bowed wearing a plastic cone. My husband was the first to notice his lovely little face and asked the volunteer to meet him. The volunteer brought out this skinny little mixed breed dog with a limp and scars but the biggest eyes and most beautiful face we had ever seen and it was love at first sight. We know very little about his history but he is the most loving and loyal dog we have ever known and without a doubt the best decision we ever made. He is so grateful and happy! Thank you for our wonderful Harry, we could  not imagine life without him”

Harry made himself right at home with Mummy Lauren, a much loved and loyal Rescue who found his forever home.

Harry made himself right at home.


Izzy had been with us for far too long. As a husky that wasn’t overly fond of other dogs she found it difficult to find her forever home, until…

Rufus and Peter

“I first met Rufus in the Spring of 1999. At the time I had recently lost both my parents and had inherited their elderly Yorkie called Sophie. I had never had a dog of my own and had always wanted a Jack Russell, the type of dog who would happily spend all day on my beloved Pennines. I was apprehensive about going into the dog’s home because I knew it would upset me. I am by the way an ex-soldier, I don’t consider myself soft however it reduces me to tears how people can casually part with or mistreat animals”
“I walked into the dog’s home at Harpurhey and as I walked past one of the pens a little fellow came running out and started jumping up, I knew instantly I had found a life long pal. This was the start of a relationship that lasted until the 20th July 2013 when Rufus sadly passed away. In all that time I only spent three days away from him. We had lots of great adventures and  I miss him deeply every day.
Unfortunately I am now a college lecturer and I don’t think I could have a dog because of the hours. I hope in the future I am able to adopt another companion, I would never want them to replace Rufus, I just want someone to walk my beloved Pennines with. Since Rufus passed away I have never visited the moors” Peter (Rufus’s Daddy for Life)

Rufus was one of the boys

Rufus was one of the boys

Buster and Susan

“We adopted Buster in February 2013 from Manchester dogs home he had been picked up on the streets so we did not know anything about his back ground . When he came to use he was under weight and shell shocked he soon settled in . We primarily adopted Buster for my daughter who is selectively mute, Whilst at the home one of the kennel girls mentioned he seemed to like fly ball so I looked up any local teams in the area and came a cross a team that trains in Heaton Park ( Northern Bytes )we have been a member of the team for 2 years and he has just gone from strength to  strength building up a good collection of rosettes he has also inspired my daughter to go on to college to do Animal care . Buster has done so much for this family including helping my daughter with her SM as on many occasions people stop her in the street to ask about him and now she wants to work with animals” Susan (Busters Guardian Angel)

Buster likes to play

Buster likes to play

Tess and Carol

“My fiancee adopted Tess from Manchester Dogs home over 13 years ago. She is now 15 years of age. She is a very loved member of our family, and gives back love in abundance, She has been best friend to my fiancee through some tough times. Even though she is in her twilight years she still loves her walks through the meadows, sniffing for field mice and shrews.  She also loves her doggy massages, which she comes up to me and asks for by giving me this cheeky smile.   One of her favorite things though is going for car rides, even if its just down to the shops.  Sadly she hasn’t been too well recently and has just been diagnosed with kidney disease.  She is doing ok though on her medication and special diet so we are praying we still have a significant amount of time with her.

Tess when she was first adopted

Tess when she was first adopted

Jack and Diana

“I was devastated when we had to have our previous dog put to sleep and because I am at home most of the time I had lost my companion”

“We decided to try Cheshire dogs home and had a look at the dogs mostly Staffies. Jack was in the third kennel along ( he had been there for 6 months) and was not interested in saying hello no matter how much I tried.  We looked at another Staffie called Star. She was lovely but to energetic for me so  Barry ( a volunteer ) suggested Jack. In the exercise yard he enjoyed having a run round and being made a fuss of. We decided he was the one for us and went to pay for him in reception. A lot of the staff came out to say goodbye which was very touching”

“We stopped at Pets at Home to get supplies like a collar and lead then took him home.  He was a very well behaved dog ( he still is but can be mischievous ) especially walking to heel. It was great to have someone to look after again and I just let him settle in.  He has gained in confidence and it’s great to see him running round the garden. He is a very loving dog especially when I get upset.  He also loves cuddles. He is also useful when I go to the door to cold callers, he tells them he’s a fierce guard dog but probably would lick them to death”

“It is 4 years ago since we adopted him and he still gives us great pleasure. We always adopt rescue dogs. They are very rewarding and deserve another chance” Diana (Jack’s second chance)

Jack the quiet & cuddly staffie

Jack the quiet & cuddly staffie

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