Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home – etails 13


Back in July last year, we had the area where the terrible fire took place in 2014 finally covered over with turf. We wanted to create some kind of rockery on one side but were unable to fund it.

We contacted Marchington Stone from Stockport in August and they kindly donated some sandstone rocks for us. They brought a huge amount of rockery stones for us and dumped on a flatbed lorry.

This was great, but now we had another problem as the rocks were really too big to move!

We were lent a mini digger from our friends at APL platforms, but this proved too small for the job.

So eventually, we decided to try and look for extra help. We came across H&C Plant Hire, a company in Longsight – they do lots of work in the community and for charities.

H&C Plant Hire brought a large JCB digger and moved the stones for us free of charge. They brought an operator for the digger who was very skilled, and he moved the rock from a huge pile and placed it at the side of the grass for us.

A fantastic job well done from two companies. We can now begin plans for a new exercise compound for our dogs where the stone was originally dropped.


A Cross Lurcher called Conker was first brought into Manchester Dogs Home in November 2018. She was rehomed in early 2019 but sadly returned to us a few weeks later. Since then, she had remained in the kennels with people passing her by.

Then just after Christmas, Janet Hale from Denton came to see Conker. She had looked on a few other dog rescue websites before finding Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home. She said, “Conker had a lovely face and I thought she had had a very unlucky start to life.” She went on to say that she thought our description of Conker’s personality would suit their lifestyle.

Janet told us that she used to own Greyhounds in the past and wanted a dog that would perhaps be a little more trainable – something she is already finding Conker more than capable of.

Conker has settled in to her new life better than we could have hoped. Janet tells us she has her own small room to sleep in and loves to lounge around in the front room, usually snuggled up against someone. She also enjoys jumping up on the Janet’s bed when she is having a lie-in on the weekends!

Janet went on to say she was really impressed with Manchester Dogs’ Home, finding our staff friendly and helpful.

“We are over the moon with Conker and we are so glad we have her in our family.”

Thank You Janet, and Good Luck Conker


Myself (Victor) and Les lost our Jack Russell, Bassey, after 15 years.

This was heartbreaking.

After 6 weeks, Les was browsing the Cheshire Dogs’ Home website, and showed me a Jack Russell Terrier called Poppy. I’ve had terriers all my life and so has Les.

Les mentioned to me that Poppy needed fostering. Due to her having Addison’s disease, she would need lifelong medical treatment which Cheshire Dogs’Home were able to support her with through the foster scheme, enabling her to still live life to the full in a long term foster home.

After a conversation on the phone, we went to pay Poppy a visit.

We spoke over fostering and what it all involved and we both thought it was a great idea.

The deal is we have to drive Poppy about 6 times a year to Cheshire dog’s home near Warrington to see the vet for Poppy’s treatment. The costs for this are covered by the Dogs’ Home through the foster scheme, which for us was great as due to Les being out of work due to illness and financially, vet costs would of prevented us getting Poppy. Living near the M56 was handy too.

We took Poppy home with us and she is now living a very quiet life in the country. Poppy is the most lovable, squashable dog and we get kisses every day from her!