Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home – Dog E-Tails 11

Update on Manchester Dogs’Home

Manchester Dog Home has hit another milestone in the last few months with the completion and re-opening of Crofters House, our grade 2 listed building. The ground floor has been renovated to give us a bright new reception area for our vet and claims departments as well as improved facilities for the staff. The renovations have also allowed us to put some much needed security features in place which means not only is it a nicer environment to work in but it’s also safer for our dogs and staff.

Manchester has also received donations to allow us to turf the area that was the old adoption building. We now have a great new open space that over time and with a little more help will continue to develop into play areas for the dogs. 

As we approach the 5th Anniversary of the fire, it’s an ideal time to look back and see how far we have come and what we have achieved… and it couldn’t have been done without your support! That said there is always more to do and more dogs needing our help in different ways.

Peace garden – could you help?

As many of you may know, five years ago Manchester Dogs’ Home suffered a devastating blow when the building was set on fire in an arson attack.

Thankfully, rescuers were able to save more than 150 dogs but sadly almost 60 lost their lives in the tragedy.

In the time since, the home has received a huge amount of support from the public for which we cannot express enough gratitude. However, we are calling on your help once more.

In memory of the dogs we lost, we are planning on creating a peace garden where the old adoption centre used to be, offering staff and visitors a place to sit, reflect and have quiet time.

As part of the garden, we hope to have flowers and a rockery (a huge thank you to Marchington Stone who have donated a large amount of rockery stone!) but we could do with someone with landscaping skills to help us put it all together. Are you that person? Or do you know a landscaper who is happy to help? Get in touch!

Virgil’s happily ever after

Local institution Cheshire Dogs’ Home is celebrating a happy ending for one of its ex-residents, after a particularly long stay at the shelter due to behavioural issues.

Young lurcher Virgil spent over a year at the Dogs’ Home while he was being rehabilitated because of undesirable behaviour that included biting and mouthing from over-excitement.

Last month, rehabilitated to the point that he was ready for adoption with experienced dog owners, Virgil was finally adopted by Les and Paul after a whole week of tentative meetings between Virgil and the couple’s other dog, Flint, who were supervised as they gradually got to know each other in the Dogs’ Home’s outdoor exercise area.

After taking Virgil home, there were still a couple of minor ‘furniture incidents’ linked to his anxiety in new surroundings, but Virgil has now settled well. Virgil and his new pack mate Flint enjoy spending time with other sighthounds and lurchers at the Dogs Country Club in Lowton every weekend, and they get on famously at home, where Virgil’s energy has really helped re-animate laid-back ‘couch potato’ Flint.

Cheshire Dogs’ Home manager Anna Stansfield says: “Virgil is a living illustration of why we spend time and money working with many dogs with behavioural issues, including our weekly visits from a professional canine behaviourist. Virgil’s a great character who just needed the right training and guidance to become ‘re-home-able’, and while some dogs are adoptable as soon as they’ve had their medical checks, we do get other dogs coming through our doors where it’s obvious that quite a bit of behavioural work is needed.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much at all to get a dog ready for re-homing, but in other cases we can spend a lot of time and energy on them. In cases like Virgil’s, though, it’s easy to see why it’s worth it – he loves his new family, where he’s becoming a wonderful companion for both Flint and his human family – and Les and Paul are fantastic dog owners who think the world of him. This means all our hard work with Virgil has paid off, and makes it all worthwhile.

If we’ve got room for a dog, we take them in even if we know we’re going to have to spend a lot of time and resources on them. Just as we never gave up on Virgil, our staff, volunteers and behaviourist always try to work with dogs to solve their problems and give them a second chance in life.”

Dog of the month

Meet Ella

The wonderful Ella is still waiting! She arrived at the dog’s home way back in January 2018 and her wriggly rolling in the grass and AstroTurf is now a regular sight which entertains all who walk past.

Ella is a loving girl who is a favourite amongst the staff and volunteers, she doesn’t understand why she has been here for so long, although neither do we! She enjoys running around with footballs in the compound and is usually happy to entertain herself when playing. She can be strong on the lead but has been working with the staff and a training lead on her harness and is now much better. Out on walks she is sociable with other dogs but she does like her own space so she would prefer to be the only pet in her new home. We believe that her age may be holding her back, we ask anyone who is concerned that Ella may be ‘old’ to think again. At heart, Ella is still a pup and has just as much energy as many younger dogs.

Whilst at the dog’s home, Ella swallowed a toy which resulted in a major operation to remove the object. Had this not been removed, it is highly likely that Ella would have died from the obstruction. Ella is a very good example of why some dogs don’t have toys in their kennels in rescue centres. She is now fully recovered from her ordeal and is learning to play with toys rather than eat them. However, she is still restricted to large footballs and rope toys to prevent such a thing happening again.

In her previous home, Ella struggled with separation anxiety so she is looking for a home where people are around often so she does not get lonely. As she can be quite bouncy and clumsy, she would like a home with children only over 10 years old and would need to meet everyone in her new home before adoption.