Cheshire Dogs Home – Timber & Benson

Name: Timber                                  

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Gender: Female  

Age: 7 years

CDH Number: c13   


Name: Benson                     

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Gender: Male  

Age: 9 years

CDH Number: c51    



Timber and Benson are soul mates who came to the dogs’ home when their owner could unfortunately no longer look after them. They are inseparable and pine for the other if they cannot be seen.

Whilst here at the dogs home they have shown to be good with other dogs when out on walks but they would prefer not to live with another as they are a perfect couple. They are very strong on the lead when they want to be.

They enjoy playing with their toys with people and each other; they enjoy playing with tennis and footballs mostly.

They are said to be ok with older children but any children in a potential adopting home would need a successful meet and greet prior to adoption.

Timber has had a phantom pregnancy whilst at the dogs home and is due to be spayed in a few weeks, they are very keen to meet their new owners while they wait for this however.

Come and visit them at Cheshire Dogs Home! 

For further information please contact Cheshire Dogs Home on 0844 504 1212