Cheshire Dogs Home – Rodger

Name: Rodger                           

Breed: SBT

Gender: Male   

Age: 8 Years 6 months

CDH Number: C66            


Rodger is a wonderfully friendly boy dreaming of his forever home. He has been finding kennel life hard so has been spending his days behind reception, keeping the staff fit and healthy playing lots of tug of war.

He is a very playful boy who has gathered an impressive collection of toys to keep him occupied, he is very affectionate and loves a good cuddle, we have tried to tell him that he is a bit heavy to be a lap do but he refuses to believe us, he would like a home with a very comfy sofa!

Being very sociable he would like a home with people home lots and while he is sociable with other dogs he may prefer not to live with one as he can find other dogs a bit much and likes his own space.

He can be quite stubborn when he doesn’t want to do something and needs lots of encouragement, he can find things like walks a bit much so would need lots of praise and exciting things to coax him along and show him that the outside world can be fun.



Come and visit him at Cheshire Dogs Home! 

For further information please contact Cheshire Dogs Home on 0844 504 1212