Cheshire Dogs Home – Milly

Name: Milly              

Breed: Jack Russel Terrier

Gender: Female

Age:  10 years 4 months

CDH Number: C16


Milly is a characterful soul who is quirky, loving and affectionate. She may be 10 years old but Is full of life and sometimes resembles Zebedee when she springs onto your knee from some much needed fuss.

Milly’s ‘life’ so far has made her stressed and anxious around other dogs, so she would love a secure garden to run around in, lots of squeaky toys and owners that understand she doesn’t want to be walked in areas where other dogs are running around off their leads, as this makes her unhappy and very stressed. Instead she would like people who are happy to walk her somewhere quiet where she can relax and enjoy interesting smells.

Milly needs an adult only, pet free home with experienced and understanding owners who will accept that some of her quirks and habits may continue in the home. Hopefully with some positive experiences, patient and empathetic owners, Milly will settle into her new routine/home life.

Milly is a different dog when she is relaxing in a quiet area away from barking dogs, she will snuggle up next to you or hop onto your knee to nibble your ears, she will make someone a great companion to cuddle up and watch tv with.

Milly doesn’t want much, just an understanding, and for someone to take a chance on a dog like her.

Come and visit her at Cheshire Dogs Home! 

For further information please contact Cheshire Dogs Home on 0844 504 1212