Cheshire Dogs home – Lola

Name: Lola                   

Breed: Crossbreed (Med/Large)

Gender: Female (spayed)

Age: 2 years

CDH Number: C44         


Lola is finding kennels quite stressful and is looking forward to meeting her new owners. She is a very friendly girl but can be quite nervous to begin with so any new owners would be aware that she needs time to adjust. She can find being crowded by lots of people a bit overwhelming and likes her own space so for this reason she would like a home with no children under 14.

She is a very friendly girl who will happily sit for a treat (and pose for the camera) She would love a home where she can lots of new things and begin to see that the world isn’t such a scary place.

In the meantime, we will let her continue to show off her treat catching skills!

Come and visit her at Cheshire Dogs Home! 

For further information please contact Cheshire Dogs Home on 0844 504 1212