Cheshire Dogs home – Buster

Name: Buster                                

Breed: American Bulldog

Gender: Male (Neutered)     

Age: 2 years 10 months

CDH Number: C13             


Buster is a typical overgrown pup, he can be boisterous but it is all meant in good humour, he enjoys bouncing around with a ball and loves to have a fuss made of him.

While here at the dogs home he has shown  to be sociable with other dogs, he may bark at them when at a distance but up close is very friendly and enjoys to play although he can be a bit much for some. He is strong on the lead and will benefit from further training to help with this.

Come and visit him at Cheshire Dogs Home! 

For further information please contact Cheshire Dogs Home on 0844 504 1212